Occasional Publications

 Paul Garner  

Geology and the Flood  
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It should be noted that the arguments for post-Flood re-colonisation have been developed since this was published.    


 Steven J Robinson  

 From Flood to Pharaoh - A Chronological Framework 

Steven J Robinson  

 From Flood to Pharaoh - Understanding the Old Stone Age

 David J Tyler  

 Surtsey - Window on Geological Time

 Paul Garner  

 Contemporary Cosmology from a Biblical Perspective 
(£3.00 + p&p)

 Philip Duce  

 Another Look at Relating Science and Theology

 Arthur Jones  

 The Identity and Nature of the Created Kinds Speciation Among Cichlid Fish 
(3.00 + p&p)

 Andrew Snelling  

 Radioactive Dating: Research Confirming the Biblical Record 

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Paul Garner  


 From Fins to Feet: Did Fish Evolve into Tetrapods?   



 John Peet 

  The Chronology & Archaeology of the Judges


 Sylvia Baker  

  Seeing and Believing: Evolution, the Eye and Sight           
  (£3.00 + p&p)

 William Worraker

 Water in the Cosmos 

(4.00 + p&p)                      

Todd Charles Wood
Galapagos Revisited: Creation & Evolution in 

Darwin's Islands 
(3.00 + p&p) 

                   Edgar Andrews

Who Made God?

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